With more than 50 years of success as a global supplier of industrial automation equipment for the food industry, our client is recognized worldwide for its high-quality equipment, innovative engineering, and outstanding service and support. Total commitment to their customers makes them the one supplier that food manufacturers can trust for better, smarter solutions.

They currently have a new opportunity for a Sr. Field Process Analyst. This individual may be based anywhere in the U.S. with ready access to an airport.

They are seeking an individual to travel to their U.S. customers’ food manufacturing plants to gather, analyze and report productivity and flow data on meat processing and packaging production lines. The objective is to identify flow issues and to inform Plant Management of the opportunities to initiate Process Improvement and Equipment Wellness projects optimizing the Company’s equipment performance within their multi-vendor integrated production operations.

The Process Analyst is a key contributor in their U.S. Services Integrated Line Support group. Recognized in the food industry for its high performance automated equipment, our client also delivers industry leading technical services. Many food production lines are designed using automated equipment from multiple manufacturers. Often these configurations fail to deliver optimum results.

This support group is committed to ‘smart automation’ eliminating waste of time, money, materials, man-hours, machine time, energy and other resources that do not generate value for our customer. The Process Improvement Integrated Line Support group uses the Analyst’s audit report as the starting point to identify and target non-value-added activities and achieve smooth flow in the automated manufacturing process. Based on Lean Manufacturing and Kaizen principles, the Integrated Line Support Engineers engage in projects to ensure effective operation of complex, integrated automation systems that result in higher product quality and consistency, simplification of production, reduced handling, improved work flow, and improved worker morale.


As the first Integrated Line Support representative scheduled to meet customer production management staff, the Process Analyst projects confidence and professionalism. This role combines analytical capabilities with the know-how to convince seasoned senior production management that opportunities exist to improve their operations.

Employment starts at the Company’s HQ, with comprehensive training on their equipment and Integrated Line Support field audit procedures. The Analyst is scheduled to audit one production facility per week. Each customer engagement is 5 days in length starting with arrival at customer facility to final wrap-up meeting for presentation of findings to senior production management staff.

Focus – along with diplomacy – is critical for success. At customer premise, the Process Analyst is responsible to:

1. Conduct Equipment Wellness Assessments; audit installed equipment; review performance vs standards, maintenance and repair procedures and records; assess competencies of mechanics and operator personnel.
2. Confer with staff and management regarding procedures, product specifications, production standards and manufacturing capabilities, resource allocation, personnel assignment and scheduling.
3. Production line efficiency – review production schedules, engineering specifications, work flow and procedures, process flows, and other information to understand operations sequence in production process; along with work standards records and set-up and run times for all manufacturing processes.
4. Observe the production line, identifying equipment and operator activities – workers, machines, material flow, information, and energy.
5. Use the Company’s proprietary audit tools and methodology to observe and take measurements.
6. Collect, organize, synthesize, and analyze data; summarize findings; and develop conclusions and recommendations from a range of data sources.
7. Use MS Excel for mathematical calculations to determine manufacturing throughput and efficiency rates of production equipment. Apply statistical methods and perform mathematical calculations to determine manufacturing processes, staff requirements, and production standards.
8. Present findings to senior management with focus and diplomacy, ensuring a positive commitment to launch proactive process Improvement programs through Integrated Line Support.


• BS degree in Process, Industrial, Mechanical or Manufacturing Engineering.
• 2-5 years’ experience in Production Operations or Technical Service.
• Understanding of Kaizen and LEAN manufacturing concepts.
• Process Measurement – basic expertise to identify and create qualitative and quantitative measures of success and failure.
• Analytical Skills: skill and expertise to collect, organize, synthesize, and analyze data, summarize findings and develop conclusions and recommendations.
• Quantitative Skills: Math, MS Excel spreadsheet.
• Interpersonal Skills: Critical-thinking, listening, speaking, presentation.

This position requires regular, scheduled flights to customer manufacturing plants located throughout the continental USA. Normal travel schedule is Monday – Friday. Candidates need to reside in a location with ready access to an airport.

For additional information, please contact Susan Canarick, (954) 428-3888 or susanc@foodscience.com.