As the owner of OPUS International, Inc., an executive search firm in the field of food science, my office and I have seen more and more candidates jump from job to job and are proud of it. They tell us that this is the new way for further their career. Why wait for the current company to recognize their talents, or pay more salary, just go to work someplace else! This shift in job search has slowly crept into our lives, and suddenly it’s the “right thing to do”. Really? When did having four jobs in five years become acceptable? It hasn’t, and it never will be. Don’t kid yourself. As your job changes continue, your prospects are more limited to be considered at top tier companies. Many of our clients are asking us not to present candidates who have served less than 3-5 years with their most recent employer. They want to see loyalty, accomplishments, career growth, not jumps from job to job for unknown reasons. Granted, the days of someone staying with the same company for their whole career are pretty much over. There are very good reasons to make a job change over the lifetime of your career: opportunity for advancement, moving to a better (or familiar) location, more salary or responsibility. These reasons make sense. But to shift just to shift doesn’t make any sense. It just makes you look either confused, or a bad decision maker, or loyal only to yourself. Remember who is paying your salary. Make sure when you change jobs that it is for the right reasons and that you are confident that this is the right move for you and your family. Don’t take a new job without looking at all the angles; culture fit, job responsibilities and description, location, and, of course salary. Be careful and thoughtful in your decision. Look before you leap!

Moira McGrath