Job Posting – Flavor Chemist

Our client is a cutting edge company that works in partnership with their customers to create customized food flavor applications for a variety of products. They currently have an opportunity for a Flavor Chemist at their location in the Midwest.

How Flavor Chemistry Makes Your Food So Incredibly Addictive

If you eat processed food- which the majority does- there’s a fair chance that you tasted something that was designed by a flavor chemist. However, getting pre-packaged foods to taste the way they do is an exhaustive scientific task. Most of what people experience as “taste” is actually born out of our sense of smell, as opposed to the taste buds. A number of volatile compounds play a role in how we experience food, drink, fragrances, scents, etc. These compounds are in fact molecules that are light enough to produce a form of vapor or gas, and the many complex ways in which we perceive them as flavor is not as straightforward as one would imagine.