Understanding Sensory Science

Sensory science is a complex field whose goal is to ensure that food tastes as it should and is also good to eat. In today’s fast-paced societies, the average consumer expects that he or she will have a ide vareity of food that is not only safe and nutritious, but also tasteful and good quality. If any food product falls short of these expectations, then there is enough choice for consumers to look elsewhere. Enjoyable tastes and textures are the most important factors for consumers. This reasons are why food and drink comkpanies employ sensory scientists to ensure that their products will be well-received.

Job Posting – Sensory Scientist

Job #1205-MH811 Job Title: Sensory Scientist Location: Atlanta, GA To apply: http://www.bosmaxhire.net/cp/?E55B6E361D43515B77501B653A561E6F482E Our client is one of the largest diversified suppliers to the foodservice industry, with proven performance in superior...